Why Charter Your Boat?

The idea of  chartering your boat may seem a daunting task, especially if it is your first time, choosing 52fahrt-vornethe right management team is of great importance.  Chartering your boat will help pay for the running costs that seem to increase year by year.

The team at Lifestyle Charters have been chartering boats in Mallorca for the last 18 years and are one of the largest charter Management Companies on the island.  Their knowledge of the business is second to none and have extremely high standards, they offer a complete package for the owner who wants to charter their boat.

We pride ourselves that 90% of our clients return to us each year,  we have seen clients children grow up and now, they charter boats themselves.



Most boats achieve between 6 to 8 weeks charter, the majority of the chartering is done between June/July/August and September, however this is never guaranteed as some years may differ to others depending on the economy.

All boats are required to conform to the British MCA and the Spanish requirements. The cost of coding a boat depends on the equipment which is already on board, this can vary from boat to boat and an inspection will need to be done to ascertain the cost.  The time scale of coding a boat is anything from 8 to 12 weeks.

When chartering your boat it’s important to seek independent advice regarding your VAT and Tax.